Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is the next generation enterprise operating system designed to meet the needs of the hybrid cloud environment.


  • Designed to run on a variety of footprints that range from a traditional on-premises data center to a public cloud environment.
  • Delivers a familiar experience to allow system administrators and application developers to manage and deploy applications quickly.
  • Includes current versions of applications like databases, web servers, developer tools and infrastructure services that deliver many new features and usability improvements.
  • Includes improvements to the Container runtime and base images to allow users more flexibility in deployment of container-based applications.
  • Supports the leading hardware platforms and devices that are made available by ecosystem partners.
  • Complies with current security best practices to provide a stable and secure operating system platform.
  • Includes an expanded set of management capability to configure services (network, storage, and compute) with the help of system roles based on Ansible technology.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 can be confidently deployed as a guest on supported hypervisors and public cloud environments. It can also be deployed on physical infrastructure, so your applications can take advantage of cutting-edge features of the underlying hardware platform.

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